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Desktop Huslas provides high quality vacation certificates for all types of businesses. Our product enables you to generate leads, boost sales, and increase referral business.

As the leader in the cruise certificates industry since 2009, Desktop Hustlas has the marketing expertise, vacation rewards, and services you need to turn this critically important part of the sales cycle into your competitive advantage. That is why the top retailers and brands count on Desktop Hustlas' vacation certificates to engage and inspire online shoppers to visit their stores.

People still want a vacation, and consumers’ desire for travel is at an all-time high. When you use our vacation incentives you can take advantage of this opportunity and pay as little as 1/10th the cost of travel to increase sales and grab market share.

As one of our recent clients said, “Vacation certificates work well based on the fact that it’s a low cost to us but has a high-perceived value to our customers.” Instead of giving your customer a “hard good” such as an mp3 player or other electronic that they can put a price tag on, travel incentives are an alternative that can make your customer appreciate an experience for years to come.

Our vacation certificates allow you to provide your customers with a meaningful reward that they can actually use. Our goal has always been to provide a quality, desirable vacation certificate with a variety of price points that meet the needs of our retail customers.

DeskTop Hustlas provides quality travel incentive programs to businesses that are looking for that "competitive edge." As a Leader In the Southwest Vacations Industry with over 10 years of combined experience, DeskTop Hustlas and its staff will provide you with the vital support necessary to make your "Vacation on Us" promotion a total success from start to finish. Our experts will help you develop an approach based on your objectives, train your people, handle all reservations and provide follow up and support throughout your entire campaign. After all, we would like to earn your business on an on-going basis, and we believe that "Total Customer Satisfaction" is the only way to go.

DeskTop Hustlas and its staff greatly appreciates the interest you have shown in our Northeast, Southeast and Southwest Vacations programs. We believe that through dedication, commitment and caring we have developed the most successful travel promotions in the industry. We look forward to being part of your next promotion.


Voted Best of Cleveland 2018

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